Passion Fish W: 34 x H: 21 cm.

Clown Fish W: 13 x H: 57 cm.

Twisty Fry W: 17 x H: 41 cm.

Fishbone W: 17 x H: 52 cm.


Lovely Tail W: 12 x H: 56 cm.


Claus Nyborg is a Danish glass artist and designer, trained in Graphic arts in Denmark and later as a glass blower at Kosta Glasskola in Sweden. In addition he has a BFA, Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the Department of Ceramics and Glass at the Konstfack University College of Arts, Crafts and Design in Stockholm. Claus also works with sculptures and has experience both as a stone mason as well as a bronze foundry worker. The unique work of one-off pieces, blown without casts and driven by hand Coral Sea is an optimistic, organic series of voluminous, fertile forms, which give the illusion of being momentarily frozen in their movements. It is a journey through organic form, colour and evolution. Apart from using a given theme as a launch pad, like nature, Claus’ language of forms has often been inspired by surrealism and by Henry Moore’s sculptures, as of the Danish modernism and functionalism – e.g. the highly sculptural furniture. Claus is engaged in finding good lines and proportions in a free, organic form; in tightening up the form and giving it agility. A wonderful and interesting border land opens up when the organic, joyful and sometimes even humorous expressions meet and merge with the tightly minimalist and functional forms. Each new project, however, finds its own expression through the combination of idea, premise and purpose. At times the object itself can almost take over and take an unplanned direction. At such moments one experiences an intense feeling of joy, as well as curiosity to see where one is being led and whether the end result will be as satisfying as the feeling of engaging with the process. Maybe the object ends up with a ‘twist’ –perhaps an ‘ism’ has made its way into the creation and added a dimension which is more interesting than the sketches had predicted. The aim and idea is often to attempt to find a long-term timeless graceful, poetic expression .


Contact by mail: mail@clausnyborg.dk


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